Personal Statement for Medical School

Why I have chosen the profession of doctor?

I can’t remember the time when I first thought about my future profession. But I do know that my choice is a responsible and deliberate step. There are many factors that have influenced my choice. So, why I want to be a doctor?

My great-grandmother, a health care worker, saved lots of lives during the World War II. Her stories made me think seriously about medicine when I was a child. Once, pulling the wounded soldier from the scene of hostilities, she was wounded by mine. After a long period of rehabilitation she has returned to medicine. All her life, that wound on body and soul kept her on the trot. Grandmother always passionately talked about her profession and about outstanding doctors she worked with. I listened carefully to her stories and felt envied.

Books that I have read during my school years had a great influence on my choice. Here I can give an infinite number of books, such as Mikhail Bulgakov “Heart of a Dog”, “Notes of a young doctor”; Anton Chekhov and a huge number of works devoted to medical topics; Boris Pasternak “Doctor Zhivago” and many other books. I love to read, but books that address the issue of physician, patient and physician relations, which are interpreted as the relationship of man and society, man and the state was very interesting to me and clear. I am always surprised physician’s behavior in a variety of described situations, their objective opinion, determination and confidence.

Along with books, films also had a big influence on my choice. For example “House M.D.”; “Grey’s Anatomy”; “Pathology.” But most of all, I was impressed with the film by Milos Forman “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” with excellent acting. I can watch those films hundreds of times. The line of relationship between the patient and physician/ health care professional make me watch the movie with bated breath.

I have always avoided the question: “Why I chose to become a doctor?” For me it is equivalent to the question: “Why I decided to become a human?” I can’t imagine being someone else. I’ve always been a hyperactive child, but books pacified me. When I started to realize the value of human life, I began to think about the fact that I can prolong a person’s life or delay the moment of death, if I become an oncologist or surgeon. Also, I can help a person to become more beautiful, if going to a beautician or a plastic surgeon. If I will be a pediatrician, I will save children’s lives. What can be said about obstetrician-gynecologist who helps someone to come to our world every day? My parents never insisted on the choice of my profession. I have an average American family: father works in office; mother is a teacher at school. I wish they were very proud of me! I want to be a good specialist to help people and I’m not scared of ultrahigh responsibility. Choosing a profession is like choosing a husband – once and for all life, and there should be no doubt! Seeing the grateful eyes of patients – is worth to become a doctor!