5 Incredibly Tasty and Simple Vegan Food Ideas for Students

Vegan-student-recipesTaking a meal at college usually have an unexpected character – you have no certain timetable to plan it. Did you know that cheap meals for college students may be vegan? Here are 5 awesome vegan meals for students that are really easy to prepare any time of day, even if you feel hungry at midnight during your preparation for exams.

1. Tofu Scramble

If you are fed up with granola and almond milk for breakfast, try this super tasty tofu scramble! Take some tofu, soy sauce, spices, vegetables (like broccoli, yellow onion, and tomatoes), sesame oil and fry it all in a pan! This great hot breakfast will give you energy for classes.

2. Veggie Pasta

The main part of a student’s ration is pasta! It’s so quick to prepare it after classes and the taste can be different every day! Boil a portion of wheat pasta and add a vegan sauce topping. You just need water, cashew nuts, tomato sauce (preferably marinara sauce), and vodka. Make sure your products are vegan, organic, free from GMO, preservatives and artificial ingredients.

3. Vegetable Wrap and Hummus

Buy any whole-wheat, spinach or pre-made tortillas at your store in advance, as these products can be stored long. This recipe is really good for any occasion, as ingredients are always at hand. Pick a piece of tortilla and add hummus, chopped vegetables, bam and greens, and voila! You have a quick and tasty vegan lunch.

4. Superfood Salad

The quickest vegan meal is a salad! You need the minimum of your muscles. If you have no time for chopping veggies, you may use pre-chopped and peeled vegetables that are sold mostly in all stores. To prepare a basic salad, you will need two cups of kale and any other vegan ingredients you wish. Don’t forget to use sauce for you green salad.

5. Vegan Tacos

Mexican cuisine has a variety of tasty and very cheap vegan foods. All ingredients may be found at any food store and prices will pleasantly surprise you. You can try tacos with vegetables, tacos with lentils and falafel quesadillas.