Psychology Essay Sample

What is better to get a job in Silicon Valley – to get good grades, or to have outstanding projects and poor grades?

psychology-essay-sampleMany people know that Silicon Valley is a heart of computer and electronic industry. Sure enough, we hear about different problems of this industry center: rivalry, morality, urbanization, globalization etc. I would like to focus on another aspect. It is a place of progress. World famous companies, such as: Adobe, Apple, Google, eBay, Facebook and others are industrial giants of information technologies (IT).
Naturally, these companies give a huge diversity of opportunities: good job, high salary, social status and other different privileges. Besides, it can give you a chance to develop your skills, ideas and projects. IT specialists steadily create various microchips, programs, devices starting with reading books online and finishing with the latest model iPhone 6 Plus. The job in Silicon Valley is not only popular and exclusive, but it is useful for modern society. The progress never stops!

psychology-essay-sampleMoreover, we should remember about the importance of higher education in getting job, especially in Silicon Valley. If you want to become multitude, successful person, you must get a higher education. It gives you various knowledge, also it plays an important role in forming all-rounded person. You need to be not only well-educated one, but to be brave, creative, crazy in some way, and be a great dreamer in Silicon Valley.
If someone asks me what is better to get a job in Silicon Valley – to get good grades, or to have outstanding projects and poor grades, I will constantly answer that the first variant is ideal. If you are the best IT specialist, you are fond of modern devices and technologies; you must work in Silicon Valley and change this world every day!

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