Smart Methods for Students to Good Sleep

Scientists mention that a human should sleep for 6-8 hours a day. But students usually skip this recommendations and spend those precious hours of night for studying or parties. At last, after a period of intensive sleepless nights, you may feel unable to sleep at night. So if you think that it’s time to start taking care about your health, our 11 methods will be a good advice.

1) Look after your blood sugar levels.

Balance your diet according to your activity level. A three time meals a day are not good any more. Long intervals between meals decrease your blood sugar level, which causes weakness and increases the need for simple carbohydrates such as sugar and flour. As a result you start overeating and chances of having insomnia rise. You can have a little snack 1-1,5 hours before going to bed. You may choose simple products like apples, yogurt or celery.

2) Keep a water balance.

Water for your body is like gas for the engine. In the morning, when your body is dehydrated the most, take a glass of clean water. Have a bottle of water during the lectures. But you should stop drinking liquids 3 hours before the bedtime.

3) Have a right breakfast.

Many students ignore breakfast as they have no time for it. But the way you start the day will define your activity at the daytime and your sleep at night. Pay attention on taking breakfast every day and what products you use to cook it.

4) Cheer up!

If you are going to bed with strong emotions: feeling sad, worried or even feeling excited may destroy your good sleep. You can read some pages of your favorite book to feel calm.

35592-O0UVA05) Do some sports.

Physical activities is a good help for a healthy sleep. An everyday walks or a 15-minute jogging around campus will guaranteer you a good sleep and even cheer you up!

6) Schedule your time.

Try to get up and go to bed at the same time. For a while your body will know the time to get up without alarm clock!

7) Take care of your sleep place.

Right environment around your bed also affects your sleep. Ask your roommates to be quiet and dim the lights. Listen to a relaxing music to keep calm.

8) Avoid caffeine.

Most hot drinks contain huge amounts of caffeine. Even a cup of green tea may turn your night into a nightmare. Give preference to herbal teas, especially in the afternoon.

17997-NRF83Y9) Sleep in comfort.

If your bed is broken or pillow is uncomfortable – it’s time to change them! Your bed should be organized in a comfortable way to give you a good sleep all the night long.

10) Drink milk.

Warm milk with honey and cinnamon has a pretty strong sedative effect. Cow’s milk contains melatonin – the sleep hormone. Therefore, milk is a perfect natural remedy for sleep.

11) Take vitamins.

A busy life of a modern student is usually poor on healthy products. So the young organism is going through the lack of vitamins and minerals. If your ration is unbalanced and you can’t change it now, try a vitamin complex.

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