Sociology Essay Sample

Influence Of Sports On Culture And Society

sociology-essay-sampleWhenever people talk about sports, they usually separate the subject from culture in general. But they forget that culture is what combines everything humans do, from books to factories. Sports are not only one of the components of culture – they also have an enormous impact on it.
The most obvious example of sports’ influence on culture is fashion. There are many kinds of clothing that have been inspired by sports, and most of them are something that people wear on everyday basis. For example, baseball caps, sneakers, jerseys, college jackets – all those are clothes that can be seen everywhere, not only in a gym or on a stadium. There are many movies about sport legends, and the best producers are chosen to shoot commercial for sport clothing brands such as Adidas and Nike. Movies, fashion, sports – all those are intertwined.

sociology-essay-sampleBut the impact of sport on society is even more apparent. Take high school, for example – every Friday night the whole school is gathered in one place to root for their team, to cheer its name. Even if you don’t enjoy football (or basketball, or softball), you still find yourself on the stadium, screaming your mascot’s name, because it feels good to be a part of something bigger, to chip in maintaining the school spirit. On the other hand, sports can cause disagreements, even fights. Football hooligans can get rather dangerous, especially if you evidently don’t support their favorite team. Sports can also be a reason of family disagreements – a son doesn’t want to get into lacrosse, and his father gets disappointed, or a man dislikes his son in law because the latter roots for a different team.
Even politics are influenced by sports. The Olympic Games were at first designed not to be interfered with by political relations, but it soon became apparent that such thing cannot be avoided. Countries have always competed for the right to host the Olympics, for they benefit the host hugely by bringing cash flow into the budget, as well as prestige and popularity.
Sports are not a mere act of engaging in physical activity – they are a powerful tool in culture and a vital ingredient in a balanced life of society, and should be viewed accordingly, as a part of the whole picture that our – humans’ – life is.

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