Sociology Essay Sample on Inspiration

Where does inspiration come from?

“2. A sudden brilliant or timely idea.”[1]
sociology-essay-sampleThe origins of inspiration puzzle people for thousands of years. Those who ever experienced a phenomenon of inspiration desired to bring the feeling back since it was always a moment of unexplained illumination.  An abrupt, like a flash, willing to create amazes and makes people feel power. Ancient Greeks believed in Muses – nine patronesses of inspiration, daughters of Zeus,[2] who helped poets, playwrights, artists, musicians and scientists to create.
But even they, creators of millions of masterpieces in almost every field of art and science in the form we know it today, did not know the formula of acquiring of inspiration at any time they wanted. Why do people ask for the origins of inspiration? Why cannot people admire those rear and magic moments of feeling powerful? The answer in my opinion lays in the concept of controlling inspiration. Once you have realized how to make the inspiration return to you, you may regulate it steadily.

sociology-essay-sampleDespite the idea seems perfect and many did really try to embody it, still inspiration defines mostly as a “sudden” impulse. Sacred ability which can be compared with human’s ability to talk and use language. Probably both of them have the same origins and the same answer to “where does inspiration come from” question. The brain. The only organ of our bodies that is as unstudied as the Outer space. Inspiration, not by coincidence, is usually correlated with genius. Actually we strongly see an inspiration as the attribute of any kind of artist. Truly, creative people tend more to feel positive results of inspiration. Probably a brain of an artist is inclined towards the gift of the Muses or an artist’s brain may be more “trained” in the spheres close to inspiration.
The fact is that (and every person felt that at least once in his life) any potential subject or event can provoke an inspiration in us. The movie, colorful flowers or loud music – anything can possibly make us feel genius for. But as opposed to artists who use every momentum of the inspiration we do not give a right way for its expression. That is why the flash can even pass unnoticed by us. The inspiration is not coming from beyond, it is always with us and literally in us. We just need to learn to distinguish it.


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