Take an Informal Essay and Get the Highest Grade

informal-essayAn informal essay refers to different things, depending on the educational level that a student has reached and the purpose of the assignment. This kind of essay is a response to something, or an informational piece regarding personal experience. It can also be written like fiction. Nevertheless, your instructor should give you some idea as to the focus and length of your essay.

A General Misconception in an Informal Essay

  • A common misconception when a student is assigned an informal essay, are rules of grammar and spelling. It is important to use formal language when you are writing this type of paper, unless the piece is fiction. The length of such an essay can vary; however, it is fairly short if compared with research papers. Don’t forget to have a clear focus in your essay.

  • informal-essayReflective essays are one of the most common types of informal essays. They are written in response to a particular experience like film watching, listening to a certain song, or taking a class. Students, who are participants of community events, are asked to write such an essay. An instructor may need your essay in order to make sure you really attended an event.
  • A lot of students are assigned compositions to test their writing skills, and to see how much they have learned. It is common to see students still learning basic writing skills. An instructor will provide an easy prompt, in order to get you to write an informal essay. You may be asked to write a story about your experience, or a fictional one.
  • informal-essayReflective essays are a form of writing that observes the progress of the experiences of a writer. This essay discusses future aims, as well as explains and analyzes the writer’s development. This type of essay is associated with writing portfolios. An essay will critically analyze your development as a student.
  • Reflective essays should include a discussion of the strengths that you’ve developed, and your weaknesses, as a writer. A writer should also write about how they plan to improve their weak sides in the future. Use descriptive language when you write a reflective essay. Your readers will understand that you know the subject and you can think critically. It is expected that you’ll write about your ideas, thoughts and experiences. That’s why it is normal to use the first person narration here. You can be as creative as necessary. However, don’t forget to write about your growth as a student.
  • A reflective essay has a similar structure as most academic writing. It is not necessary to have a thesis statement in this kind of essay. You can format your paper in any style you want – APA, MLA, or other styles.

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