14 Ways to Accelerate Studying Productivity

studying habitsToday we will talk about concentration and studying habits to improve it. Unwittingly we want to call it an “optimization.”

  • Learn some meditation techniques via YouTube. Regular meditation activities will increase brain power, mindfulness and reduce sleepiness. Practice everywhere!
  • Decrease refined carbs (ice-cream, white bread, breakfast cereals, etc.) Add to your food cinnamon, vinegar, lemon juice, and other fibre products to decrease sugar level.
  • Eat less and healthier. The more you eat, the less blood comes to the brain, as your stomach starts intensively working.
  • Do more exercises to feel well and sleep better.
  • Practice your critical thinking and improve your read speed. Make your reading effective – criticize, analyze and make forecasts.
  • Work on complicated material in the morning, as it is the most productive time of the day.
  • Try to reduce all disturbing things in your life: bad hobbies, relationships, etc. Start a journal with your thoughts and prospectives on future and in near future you will separate things that inhibit normal life.

  • Learn how to multitask wisely. Maybe for this period of time you need to concentrate on one thing.
  • Turn only white noise or ambient music in your headphones. To have a better concentration you should avoid any songs and voices.
  • Food that is recommended during intensive brain works: dried fruits, bananas, dark chocolate, green or herbal tea.
  • Practice fasting in a moments when you
    need additional forces to your brain. An eight hour fasting will improve work of your brain cells and regulate sugar in your blood. But be attentive if you have any medical contraindications, consult your doctor.
  • Accustom yourself for making things in order and bring work to an end.
  • Eliminate all electronics. Mobile sounds, chats and movies will make a bad work for you.
  • Create your own ritual to become concentrated for any work: for example take a shower, make a cup of coffee or tea, place things in order on your desk and begin working!

Our ability to concentrate influence on work quality and possibility to influences the work. In addition, the inability to focus, and absent-mindedness not only adversely affects the studying performance, but also influences the emotional and mental health. If you are in a bad condition for studying, our WriteMyPapersOnline.com is here to help you with any kind of academic papers in any time, seven days a week.

We wish you to keep mind in a good shape, and you will get in return an effective work, good humor and creative ideas.