50 Philosophy Research Paper Topics

If you are looking for an idea to write a great philosophy articles and essays, look down and pick the most interesting!
The philosophy themes are very different and if you won’t like any, maybe an idea will come up on your mind.


  1. Authority: Analytics of the term and phenomenon
  2. The problem of loneliness in the philosophy context
  3. Actual philosophical problems in the XXI century
  4. Loneliness and it’s forms nowadays
  5. The meaning of life in hazardous situations
  6. Extremism and terrorism: Concept and key forms
  7. Man in the information society: the problem of identification (search for identity)
  8. WAR as a specific kind of social violence
  9. Phenomenology of the consumer society
  10. Modern science and scientific knowledge in the Mirror of philosophical reflection
  11. Formation and development of the concept of intuition
  12. Evolution of the concept of love in the history of philosophy
  13. Some features of socialization of the individual in the information society
  14. Philosophy points in synergetics
  15. Leisure time phenomenon: past and present
  16. Tolerance and its borders
  17. Philosophy and Religion: the point of intersection and demarcation
  18. Globalization, terrorism and religious extremism
  19. Formation and methodological problems of synergy
  20. The philosophical concepts of person’s role in history
  21. Classification of difficult situations, demanding social intervention in the life of the child and family
  22. Euthanasia as an expression of free will and the right to die
  23. Decision-making intuition as a form of knowledge and unique subjective capacity.
  24. Notion of gender as the basis of new thinking paradigms
  25. Transformation of the science ethics at the present stage of scientific development
  26. Picture of the world as a philosophical concept and philosophical belief systems: history and prospects of study
  27. Philosophical approaches to the study of unemployment
  28. Individual and social consciousness: the epistemological and ontological aspects of interaction
  29. Family as a factor that affects the formation of auto-aggressive, suicidal behavior during adolescence
  30. Comparative analysis of scientific and religious method of cognition
  31. Dystopia: Future without a human
  32. Image of modern women: socio-cultural aspects
  33. Empathy in the Internet environment: the philosophical and psychological aspects
  34. “American Dream” in the social and cultural dynamics
  35. Existential philosophy: irrational views on religion and atheism
  36. Crisis of modern motherhood as an expression of the moral values crisis
  37. The problem of understanding in modern hermeneutics
  38. Research of consumer society semantic field: the methodological analysis
  39. Health as value: culture and bioethics
  40. Social reality in today’s information society
  41. The concept of time in the philosophy of science in XIX – XX century. A. Einstein
  42. Asian mode of production: stimulating concept with restricted analytical values
  43. The role of mass communication in constructing reality of everyday life
  44. The first universities in the history of mankind: the Pythagorean school, Plato’s Academy, Aristotle’s Lyceum, Garden of Epicurus
  45. Analysis of suicide from the philosophical existentialism point of view based on “The Myth of Sisyphus” by A. Camus
  46. My answers to the basic questions of human existence, formulated by Kant.
  47. Plato’s ideal state
  48. The uniqueness of man in the universe (based on the book by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin “The Phenomenon of Man”)
  49. Does the happiness of man depend from his world outlook?
  50. The truth of man’s relation to the apocalypse

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