College Essay Example – Me and My Career

Every human faces the time to make important decisions that will determine their future path. The choice of profession is one of such decisions. Despite the fact that many graduates find themselves in areas not related to professional orientation, I want to work according specialty – “Highways and airports”.

I have chosen this direction not accidently – my parents had once made such decision too. Even though my mother is no longer working, but father still remains faithful to his work. So we can confidently say that we are a family of hereditary road builders. That is why it is so important for me to be highly responsible to my work and not to lose face.

Today, as a hundred years ago, much of the trucking and passenger traffic in the country is carried out on the highway, which is why the main problem in the development of the infrastructure of USA is the availability of high-quality and functional highways.

There are cases of full or partial destruction of the fabric of the road almost immediately after the construction associated with the lack of professionalism of road builders. And to solve this problem, the country needs experts who can competently manage the process of construction, repairing and maintenance of roads.

Under current conditions, companies engaged in construction and applying for a leading market position, need to use not only experience, but also to implement modern science achievements into the workflow. Using the discoveries in the field of satellite systems and the field of nanotechnology, will allow US companies raise the quality of roads and ease the working process. But the success of companies depends not only on the implementation of new technologies, but also depends on integral part – the atmosphere within the personal. Well coordinated work and understanding of the importance of processes are one of the highlights to success in any business.

In conclusion, during my education, I have not only mastered the basic principles of road design, technology and construction, but also understood the physical meaning of each process during the road project creation. In my opinion, a professional engineer differs from an ordinary engineer by the fact of having not only knowledge of process, but also understanding of it. Professionals is able to see not only the problem in the long term, but also the way to solve it.