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Ben Jonhson Writing Style Analysis

 literature-essay-sample   Ben Jonson was a poet, playwright, and believed to be the first literary critic during the English Renaissance. Known for such works as Volpone, Every Man Out Of His Humour , and The Alchemist, he has been said to be Shakespeare’s successor.  His writing was greatly influenced by Greek and Roman writers and philosophers such as Aristotle, with a great concentration on character. The use of this character form can be witnessed in a lot of his earlier writing.

Since a lot of Jonson’s writing was based on strong characteristics he was known for presenting certain types of acting under the influence of strong character choices (Sanders, 1910, p 124). Strong character choices equal strong characters which lead to a strong performance. What better way to get your ideas across than through entertainment? That is also where the satire came in hand.
Satire was also a very prominent part of Jonson’s writing. “His purpose was to reform society using satire.” (Henneman, 1906, p. 300). Known to have strong opinions and conflicts with higher authorities, Jonson found an escape in his writing. Satire based many times on issues that he was experienced in his life, wh. In 1603 he was questioned about a politicly themed play about corruption. Like many other writers of the time his writing was full of political connotations that he would try and blend in with his use of satire.
His use of character choices, satire, and political connotation made Jonson a renowned writer.

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