College Productivity Tips from Successful Figures

Every successful student aspires to increase productivity to manage all college issues well. If you want to be more productive, you don’t have to accomplish as much as you can, you have to do more than that. Therefore, we have prepared these productivity tips from successful people to help you succeed during college.

College Productivity Tips from Successful Figures

Richard Branson Suggests: Wake up as Early as You Can

According to Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin, it is important to wake up earlier. In his latest interview, he confessed that he wakes up at 6 am every morning. He is making his breakfast and doing exercises while most people are still sleeping. However, it is still important to sleep enough and withstand the temptation to wake up later every morning. Every time you think about sleeping more, your sleeping cycle resets automatically. So, most certainly, you are going to feel worse the next time you wake up.

Steve Jobs Offers: Concentrate on a Few Thing

sIt is a known fact that Steve Jobs was not a huge fan of multitasking. He didn’t acknowledge diversity. For instance, when he returned to Apple Company, the first thing he did was diminish the range of products to only a few. We all see the great outcomes of that. This strategy helps companies to direct all their resources, potentials, and strengths on a few products.
You can apply this tip to increase productivity also. In fact, multitasking is one of the main things that reduces productivity. When you are trying to do many things at the same time, it is difficult to pay enough attention to all of them, and it leads to unpleasant consequences to the quality of your work. So, if you have to do too many things, learn how to say “no” to activities that slow you down in your life and career.

Haruki Murakami Encourages: Create a Daily Grind

Haruki Murakami, famous Japanese writer, considers that it is important to develop routines, because this presents your priorities in a structured fashion. He wakes up at 5am  every morning and goes to sleep at 10pm every night. Haruki Murakami admits that his everyday routine is essential to his creative work. In reality, if you have no daily routine, it is difficult to structure your life successfully. Waking up early at a specific time and accomplishing main tasks is essential to increasing the effectiveness of your work.

Stephen King Says: Define You Goal and Try to Meet it

One of the best writers of all time recommends that you set goals. He says that he writes nearly 1,000 words every day—during holidays too. His goal is to write better, so he is trying to write every day to meet his goals. Stephen King sold 50 popular books, so it is obvious that his point of view is really working.

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