Create the Academic Portfolio of Your Dreams

A document that represents a structured record of a student’s academic works and consists of his/her achievements and developments is called an academic portfolio. It includes a collection of scholarly documents that demonstrate your development as a student throughout an academic quarter or grading period. In addition, the student portfolio always includes reflective essays. While emphasizing your strengths in the portfolio, it is also important to identify areas in which you can still improve.

Create the Academic Portfolio of Your Dreams

What You Should Include

There are different requirements for academic portfolio, but the most common documents are:

  • Cover letter

It is a document that explains to your viewer how your portfolio is arranged and what kinds of sample work you have included and why.

  • Reflective essay

Academic portfolios often include profile essay that discusses a specific work in your portfolio and a certain experience you had in the course. This type of essay allows the student to evaluate his or her academic progress.

  • Exemplary work

When it is time to decide what kind of work to include in your portfolio, it depends on the skills you want to showcase. Exemplary work shows your progress in a specified academic area. Examples of exemplary works are:An essay that demonstrates your ability to state an argument and successfully support it.

An essay built on your own research that shows your ability to make an observation and to answer a particular question.

An essay written for a club, group, or campus.

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