Psychology Essay Sample on Intelligenc

What Is The Highest Form Of Intelligence?

psychology-essay-sampleOur world consists of millions of unique forms of life, but only human beings are happy to have intelligence. We live in a society, where people study a lot during all their lives, trying to be smart. Nowadays intelligence has a lot of forms: social, musical, sensual, logical emotional, spiritual and others. But, what form of intelligence is the highest?
First and foremost intelligence has unique miraculous nature, it is generally agreed today that a genius is the highest form of it. Being book smart does not mean a person is a genius. Someone who is both extremely intelligent and creative is a genius. He is a man who has unique way of approaching situations and the world. There are many examples of geniuses, all of them created something that changed the way other people think and the course of history. For example, Einstein is known for his general theory of relativity and is considered to be the most famous scientist of the 20th century. Leonardo da Vinci created immortal works of art, sculpture and countless ideas on engineering.

psychology-essay-sampleMozart is recognized as one of the greatest composers, who began to play at four and o compose at five. His music is believed to stimulate intellectual, linguistic and motor development at all ages.
From these facts, one may conclude that there are a lot of geniuses in different spheres of our life and all of them are greater than the average. Being genius is a challenge, because they quite often suffer and have difficulty with social interactions. They change the world greatly, despite this fact, the society accepts their innovations and does not accept them. Thus, it is a big question whether being genius comes from God or the Devil.

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