Suicide Essay Sample on Sociology

Suicide as a Deviant Behavior

There are many examples of deviant behavior, and suicide is one of them. The most famous work on the suicide- it is “Suicide” by Emile Durkheim. He gives the following definition: suicide – a death case of one person, which is the result of a positive or negative act committed by the victim, and is the deliberate deprivation of own life.

The reasons for such behavior are numerous. Durkheim distinguishes egoistic suicide (for example, the defeat of ambition, the lack of social ties) – a person believes that life belongs only to him and he is master of his fate, so has the right to dispose of life as he or she wishes; altruistic – suicide for the sake of someone else (for example, heroism); anomic – anomie in times when people can not adapt to the changed conditions, can not find their place in the context of social disorganization (crises in the society); fatalistic – when a person is at the mercy of external forces and is in a desperate situation (slavery, incurable disease).

With the advent of the Internet it has become possible to learn more ways how to kill ourselves more “comfortable”, painless, or vice versa, with the thrill. People know what to eat and say last goodbye to favorite television show, which is every Tuesday at the appointed hour. But, no matter how paradoxical it may seem, there is always a “risk to stay alive” and suffer the rest of days, desperately fighting for life. It’s easy to tear off the butterfly wings, and how difficult it is to bring them back!

Suicide statistics is a non-public information, like it’s a shame for society. And it really does, as creates a negative image of society and authorities. Statistics can not be objective (as for me, so any statistics) due to a conflict of interest between the control structures of society. However, every year about one million people in the world die due to suicide, 10 to 20 million – attempt to commit.

A great “medicine” from the decision to kill themselves can be religion. It was one that always gave anyone the hope for a better life, a better time, a better world, because there is someone who loves you and can save every time you allow it to do, someone who cooks for you excellent life elsewhere. God, like Superman, will settle all the problems, but it will be later, you only need to wait and everything is about to be good. The world religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), suicide is considered sinful, but there are some exceptions – madness and the act of self-sacrifice in the name of another person. It seems that the religious people more than any other are protected from suicide.

Every human has his own choice to leave or not to leave this world. Voluntary deprivation of own life shouldn’t be blamed, but it’s scary and uncomfortable to know that people are rushing to get on the other world, rushing madly into the unknown.

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