Creative Writing Essay Sample

About Love Love is the flock of free birds that are flying out of your hands. And only a single bird is destined to live in your heart… Love – is a glass of tart wine, a light enthusiastic dizziness, a rainbow in your eyes, sense of revelation… Love burns and injures too young people…. Read More →

Analytical Essay Sample

Why It is so Important to Keep the Law Have you ever thought about what the order means? The life of society is based on certain orders. People work, learn, have medical treatment, travel by cars, trains, ride bicycles, visit cinemas and shops. All these possible by adhering to established rules. Surely, sometimes rules are… Read More →

Example of Research Paper on Abortion 

Lots of articles, researches, books, movies and commercials appear every year. These works present abortion as an undoubted murder of unborn human with all its consequences. Conceiving means emergence, and in case of pregnancy, conceiving is the appearance of new life. And if the act has occurred, then any interruption will mean the murder. But… Read More →

English Essay Sample

Is there any Place for Angels between People? The story of the Colombian writer Rafael Garcia Marquez “The old man with wings” depicts a small town – a bleak gray place. Mud, rain, clams, which are rotting on the banks all around. And one day an angel comes to the poor inhabitants of a direlict… Read More →

Ethics Essay Sample

Kantian Moral Theory Kant provides a kind of revolution in philosophy and lays the foundation for understanding the philosophy as a special kind of science. Trying to prove a new theory of knowledge, he has been critical of previous empirical theories of XVII – XVIII centuries. Treating knowledge as a kind of replica of life…. Read More →

The Frankenstein Essay Sample

“The Frankenstein Character in the Original Book and Films.” Today, every child knows that Frankenstein is a creation of a mad scientist, assembled from dead body parts and becomes alive by using lightning and electricity. This is one of the most popular images often used in the cinema: 63 films were taken from 1909 to… Read More →